Profinet Communication Working Criteria

January 7, 2016 by afaqahmad

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Profinet Communication Working Criteria:-

Profinet Communication Working CriteriaTo cover the different performance levels, PROFINET enables producers to use free / Principles of consumers, with a variety of protocols and services. Send high-priority payload data travels directly through the Ethernet protocol Ethernet frames with VLAN priority, and diagnosis and configuration data, for instance, is using UDP / IP protocol to send. The system reaches approximately 10 ms cycle time for I / O applications.

Cycle time of less than one millisecond clock synchronization, because the required motion control applications, by PROFINET IRT, which implements management based on a special, time-multiplexed switch hardware synchronization mode provides. The so-called dynamic frame packing (DFP) will give users a new PROFINET variants to optimize cycle time in the future use of the summation frame principle for a group of specific network devices.

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